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Building Fundraiser

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Believing God For a Miracle

In September 2017, we were given the opportunity to renovate and move into the current location for the church (250/252 N Church Street).  It was a project that required new heating and air, new roofing, lots of electrical work, much cleaning and painting, and a lot of carpentry work.  Even with the money that was available already in the building fund, and the fundraisers that were done throughout the process, we still ended with over $60,000 in debt.

Since then, we have faithfully paid our bills but have only been able to pay the minimums, and therefore, have mostly just paid interest on these debts, and still have over $50,000 still due.

When moving downtown, we also made an agreement with the owner of the building that we would lease the building temporarily, until we would be able to get the renovations done and paid for, and then we would begin purchasing the building.  However, it’s taking much longer to pay the debts than we had hoped.  And we do not know how much longer the owner will be willing to lease it.

So we ask you to join us in prayer and faith, believing that we will get this debt paid immediately, and then be able to raise enough for the down payment to purchase this building.

There are some who would easily be able to give $50,000 and never miss it, but we know that’s a relatively small population.  However, when we break it down, it becomes more feasible.

What if 5 people gave $10,000?
What if 10 people gave $5,000?
What if 20 people gave $2,500?
What if 50 people gave $1,000?

As you can see, the numbers become more and more realistic, and even more likely for regular, middle class families to be able to participate.  But we need this to take place.

Throughout the month of March, we will be running this challenge including during the Radiothon (March 5-7).  We are asking for donors to step up to one of the amounts listed above.  And let’s see if we can get these needs covered.

So we’re asking you to first of all, pray.  But secondly, would you let others know of this need?  We can provide letters for you to give out.  You can make posts on social media.  Be led of God, but please, help us to see this need met.

If you would like to help, you can mail your donation to PO Box 1905, Spartanburg, SC 29304.

Or donate using the donate link at the top of this page, or call (864) 327-8725, or text the word "give" to (864) 507-9382.
250 N Church Street - Spartanburg, SC - (864) 585-3006
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