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Building Progress


In 2010, Truth Chapel was given over 6 acres of land, and money was given to purchase 5 more acres.  At the time, Truth Chapel was able to clear a small portion of the land and to build a playground and outdoor platform.  At the playground, Sonlife Broadcasting Network airs over outdoor speakers, allowing those who visit to hear the Gospel.  The platform is used for outdoor services and other outreaches when the weather permits.

In 2013, money was raised by the church to run a water line to the property.  Shortly thereafter, through a series of miraculous donations, money was raised to build a small, one-room school on the property.

Since then, the church has been praying about, seeking funds, and raising money to build a church facility on the land.  While waiting, the congregation has been growing, a closet in the current facility was converted into a radio station, and a room was built in the lobby to be used as a nursery.

Recently, Scott and Nikkie began praying about Truth Chapel's growing need for more space.  Believing God can do anything, but also not wanting to assume they should just keep waiting to build, they began exploring other options.  They have looked at larger facilities to rent, and have reduced the size of their building plan to the minimum possibilty.  

We found a facility that we are now pursuing.  It is valued at a minimum of $300,000 but is currently going to be auctioned for a minimum of $99,000.  This is a great buy, and a great location.  Therefore, we are currently seeking funds to be able to bid, and then have enough money for needed repairs.

Below are good points about both options:

Build New Building on Current Property

Buy Older Building at New Location

Beautiful property with lots of land beside a nice, middle class neighborhood

Located on a heavily trafficked road closer to town and across the street from a major grocery store

Building built and designed specifically to meet our needs, no immediate repair needs

Building is a great layout that can easily be made to meet our needs with the addition of a few wall, repairs can be made over time and as money is available

Lots of room to add on as needed

Some room to add on as needed

Would cost a minimum of $300,000

Would cost a minimum of $100,000 plus repairs

As we are praying about and seeking which direction to take, we appreciate your prayers and financial support.  Also, please consider a tax-deductible donation to Truth Chapel's building fund and if you know someone with the means to provide a low-interest loan, please direct them to us.

Help us raise the money needed for the down payment ($15,000) and if possible, what's needed to bid on the facility.  If you donate now, but we do not acquire the building, your donation will be placed in the current building fund and will go towards a building at some point.  

Please watch our calendar for fundraising events, or consider making a donation today and specifying if it is for the building fund.  Thank you so much!

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