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Retreat Rules

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No shirts or hats with worldly advertisements (i.e. secular music groups, alcohol, tobacco, sex, satanic)
No bikini/2-piece swimsuits
No paintball equipment including markers or paint
No water balloons, squirt guns, etc.

Must wear t-shirt and shorts/pants for zip-line & swing ride

Clothing must be modest and acceptable.  Please make sure all shirts are loose fitting, have sleeves, cover stomach when arms are raised and shorts should be of proper fit and approximately knee length. No bikini or 2-piece swimsuits, please. This applies to all activities.

No alcohol or tobacco products, or any other drug use

No secular music, movies, etc.

No devices during services unless being used for Bible reading/note taking

Respect each other and other guests at the campground.

Check-In Time - 2 PM on October 26
Check-Out Time - 2 PM on October 28

Please park in designated area, and not along the road.  

If you will be leaving the retreat early, please let Nikkie or another worker know so that they will not begin a search for you.

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